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The underwater world in the Galapagos is considered one of the best dive sites in the world, with plenty of sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, iguanas, sea lions, penguins, dolphins and even sometimes whales, to offer you and experience of a lifetime. In order to remember your Galapagos adventure, we offer aquatic video and photo services.

One of the biggest advantages of the day tour is that you can dive in the morning and then enjoy Santa Cruz Island in the evening. SHARKSFRIENDS offers a variety of daily dive tour options in the Galapagos Islands, depending on the amount of time and funds you have available for diving, and depending on your personal diving experience.


Floreana's island is approximately 1:45 minutes to the south of the principal port. There are 4 important sites of diving. The waters are generally calm, and is a site of ideal diving for all levels. You will find tropical fish, morey eel, octopuses, marine tortoises, sea lion, white tip sharks, stingrays, schools of barracudas and more.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


This island is of a solid structure of basaltic lava, is more or less an hour out of our port. There are 3 principal sites. Generally has excellent visibility and the moderate currents, is an ideal site for begginers, but this topography is interesting too for the experts. You might see stingrays, tortoises; sea lions, the white tip reef shark and a great variety of tropical fish.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


Seymour Island was formed by a raising of volcanic lava, located one hour and a half out of our port. There are 3 excellent sites of diving for all levels. Sometimes the currents might be strong. You might find Nudibranqueos, marine tortoises, sea lions, white tip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks. Also they can see the Galapagos shark, green Sea Tortoises, schools of barracuda and a great variety of tropical fishes.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


This island is a wall that is left to fall from the surface to the depths. It is approximately two hours out of our port. Might be strong currents so this site it’s recommended for advanced and experts, inside one great forest of black juvenile corals, we can find the Galapagos sea horses, octopuses, hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, green sea Tortoises, eagle rays, schools of barracudas and a great variety of tropical fishes, That makes cousins rock some of the best places to dive.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


Approximately one hour out of our port. The principal place of diving is wall of approximately 90 feet, it’s recommended for divers of intermediate to experts. Here in general we can see sharks, marine Tortoises, tropical fishes, multicolored sponges in the wall, morey eel, octopus, rays, etc.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


This is a very famous diving spot, approximately one hour out of our port. There are 4 places of diving in the area, recommended for intermediate to expert level divers because there can be strong currents and waves. Here you can see hammerhead sharks which makes Gordon´s rock and excellent dive. Also you can find tropical fishes, the pelagic big fish, manta rays, marine tortoises, octopus, morey eel, etc.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


This is the bay of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island with 5 dive sites all within 20 minutes from our base by boat. Three of the sites are generally calm with little current, ideal for students or novices. At the other two sites, the dives could be a little more complicated if there is a current so they are suitable for intermediate or expert divers. Frolic with sea lion or listen as the damselfish munch away at algae farms. You may also see marine iguanas, rays, and even sharks all just outside your hotel door.
Trip duration 4 – 5 hours.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)


Here we might find, stingrays, Tortoises, Sharks, Nudibranqueos, Snake eel, Sea Lions, tropical fishes, hammerheads, Barracudas, and is advisable for all the levels.

Price: $140 (2 dive) $170 (3 dive)